Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Google Assassin Kill Your Competition

Google Assassin

The Day Job Killer Crew have done it Again

Google Assassin From the Day Job Killer have made the all round package that caters for both Novices and Professionals make a Killing in Online Marketing.

Google Assassin Kill Your Competition

Most affiliates will fail mainly because they dont have the tools and the advice to make it online. What you need to succeed in this day and age is to be part of a successful team.

The Day Job Killer Crew

The Day Job Killer Crew have got the experience to deliver the killer tools to produce the edge in making money online.

  • Article Spotter Find you the Articles to help promote your website.

  • Campagner The Heart of the Google Assassin Join now to find out its secrets.

  • Daddy Keyword Tool Very powerful keyowrd delivery system.

This Powerful Killer package enables you deliver cost effective online ad campagnes making you in control of the keywords that convert be a serious player in 2007 / 2008 join now and find out why 2008 will be a year to be in online marketing.

Finding the Edge in Clickbank

With over 10,000 products to choose from on ClickBank alone, its difficult to know which ones convert. In fact, even assuming you pick the right keywords, in my experience 90% of products will normally make a loss on Adwords. In a recent survey I conducted, almost half of affiliates believed that finding high converting products was the main problem. And I think they're probably right...

Find the Hotest Products

The hottest products are automatically flagged for your attention, and every new CB product is listed in our database, highlighted for you to profit the moment it goes live. This single database puts you at a massive advantage to over 100,000 ClickBank affiliates. This very same database flagged many of the "came out of nowhere" monster ClickBank products, weeks before they reached market saturation - the question is,... do you want to promote today and convert at 4-5% or wait for the scraps that my Google Assassin members leave for you?


because they know how to kill the competion.

Making Money Online is now in the hands of the Assassins, you can either sign up today and make a killing or be taken down by the league of Assassins.

Are you Assassin or a Target

I joined and already start to kill off my compettion join up today before the price increase or worse the door closes on this all round Internet Marketing Package.

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